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Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online Available For Sale.

Come and get your copy of the hottest MMORPG in the market now. Time cards are also available. Fettes Park outlet only.

24 Sept 2008
World of Warcraft: The Wrath of Lich King

WoW: The Wrath of Lich King Pre-Order.

Pre-Order your copy of the upcoming WoW Expansion at any NetCity locations and enjoy RM10 off the recommended retail price.

Only valid for first 100 orders received,

20 Sept 2008

Malaysian Major Cyber Cafes Linked.

All our outlets are now linked to over 50 cyber cafes nationwide. Do battle with over 3500 gamers in LAG-FREE environment. Say goodbye to Garena/Blueserver

Give it a try today. You'll love it.

8 June 2008